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About Sanatyaran Society

Sanatyaran Industrial Manufacturing Company, with over 30 years of experience regarding designing and manufacturing of industrial air filters, has considered the enhancement of the quality of its products, since the begining of its foundation and by that, for reaching these milestones, processed the vertification of some standards like ISO9001:2015, ISO/IEC 17025:2005 CE.Also this company has actedinconformity by following the globalstandards,ASHRAE52/1-1992 EN779, EN1822, to guarantee the quality of its products. The establishment of the research  anddevelopmentunit,hasbeenanothersteptowardtheupgradingofmachinery,manufacturing strengthdevelopmentanddiversityinproducingproductsbyfollowingthemarketrequirement. Sanatyaran Company has signed contracts with well knowncompanies like Technicis, Microfilt, Filterwin,Filtrair,Aerofilandclairontoperforminaninternationalmarketaswellasexchangingthe technical knowledge.
Eversinceestablishment,thecompanyhaseffectivestepstowardtheself-sufficiencyinthisindustry, by using the strength and knowledge of human sources and cover the needs of different industries such as automobile manufacturing, food industry, clean rooms, petroleum, powerhouses, hospitals, pharmacies and etc. in a significant way.